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You need internet to do business in the modern economy. An internet connection in your office will enable you to write, send and receive emails from your office. This enables prompt response to emails and greatly improves service delivery. You may also research on the internet.

You can host a website on the internet. A website on the internet can provide information about products and services offered by your business. Your website can also be a great feedback tool. Visitor can leave comments about your products and services on the internet. These comments can be very valuable when accessing how well you are doing, what you need changed and what you need to improve on.

You can also use the internet to market and sell your products and services. Your website becomes a landing page where prospective customers can be aware of your services and make purchases. You can market your products and services on the internet using various tools offered by search engines like Google and yahoo.

To access the internet from your office you need a computer and an internet connection. The internet connection comes from an internet service provider (ISP). Look for an ISP that offer payment plans that suites your business and meets your budget.

In Nigeria a number of ISPs offer a special payment internet plan targeted to businesses. This is called the business time plan. This plan involves payment of a lump sum monthly to access the internet daily during the normal business hours (usually 9am to 9pm). This internet package goes for around 7000 Naira monthly by most ISPs in Nigeria.

An internet presence must be considered by all businesses. This will enable people get information about the business 24/7. If you have a website make sure you include the address in your business card and that of your employees. Your website address should also be visible on all your ads, news letters and on the letter head for your letters, fax, and email.

Larger organizations should also consider an intranet. This is an interconnection of computers within the organization. This will enable easy and fast flow of information within the organization. An intranet when connected to the internet can increase the efficiency of large businesses.

ICT is an essential component of today’s business and must be taken seriously by all businesses in Nigeria.

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